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IFT GmbH was founded in February 2014. Our company is managed by the following people:

  • Shareholder-Managing Director: Mr Alexander Friedl (CEO)
  • Shareholder-Managing Director: Mr Sebastian Schneider (CTO)
  • Managing Director: Mrs Steffi Monte (CFO)
  • Managing Director: Mr Janek Lorenz (COO)


IFT GmbH has a highly qualified, committed and reliable staff of engineers, technicians, skilled workers, business economists and commercial clerks to fully meet the diversity of customer enquiries.

  • >70 own employees
  • approx. 120 employees of external partners


As a medium-sized company with close partnerships with nationally based and globally operating construction groups, construction companies and engineering firms, we are active in the automotive and semiconductor industries, in the expansion of clinics and hospitals, IT and data centres as well as in the photovoltaic, solar, battery and pharmaceutical industries.


With our knowledge, experience and qualifications, we support our customers and partners at home and abroad (Belgium, Ireland, Switzerland, Finland, Israel, Singapore and Austria) in the planning, realisation/implementation and documentation of design & build projects in the following areas:

  • Exhaust and supply air technology
  • Refrigeration, air conditioning and heating systems, sanitary technology
  • Process media supply and disposal systems
  • Clean room installations
  • etc.


In the interests of corporate and business partnership sustainability, we endeavour to develop our employees personally and our business expertise in line with the requirements of our customers and partners through continuous training and further education.


The company headquarters are located at the industrial site of Moritzburg approx. 15 km north of the cultural and scientific city of Dresden, approx. 10 minutes' drive from Dresden Airport.


In 2019, the branch office in Villach (Kärnten/Austria) was founded to cover the Austrian market and customer needs there.


In 2021, our office in Munich was opened with the main focus on hook-up services and conversions in existing buildings for all media except electrical, measurement and control technology for southern Germany.


Ringstraße 26

01468 Moritzburg / OT Boxdorf